The World Cup is an exciting time where for a few weeks, millions of people come together to support their nation.

This summer, there are a host of ways how you can cheer on your team and support children with cancer along the way. From sweepstakes to dress down days, check out some of the many ways you could get involved:

1. World Cup Sweepstake

Download the World Child Cancer sweepstake today and give yourself a chance of winning your own prize at this summer's World Cup. Set up a price per ticket, cut up the team names and draw them randomly from a hat. After the tournament has ended and you know which team has found it's way to glory in Russia, half of the winnings will go to the winner with the other half donated to support children with cancer around the world.

2. Host your own matchday screening

Set up a screening at home or in the office with a suggested £3 ticket fee to attend. Gathering friends, families and colleagues together is a great way of roaring on your team!

3. Wear your kit to work day

The World Cup is a great opportunity to dress down for work by wearing your nation's colours. Include suggested fee to get involved (e.g. £3) and if you're really in the spirit offer a prize for the most retro top!

4. World Cup Quiz

Who's been bragging about their football knowledge? It's now time to put your money where your mouth is with a question of sport style quiz! Gather your friends, family and colleagues together for a football quiz to rule them all! Include a suggested fee per player / team and get on your buzzers! A prize for the best football related team name should help get the party started.

5. Host your own match

Whether you're a regular player of the beautiful game or not, the World Cup is the perfect opportunity to get people together for a kick about. 

Whether you're taking on any of the above ideas or have some more of your own, make sure you share your photos with us by tagging @wchildcancer on social media. After your event, make sure you remember to pay in your monies by visiting our donate page or by posting a cheque to World Child Cancer, Unit 2.3, Lafone House, 11/13 Weston Street, London, SE1 3ER.